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Brampton Pro-Fix 5/10 Rapid Cure Adhesive 45 ml.

Brampton Pro-Fix 5/10 Rapid Cure Adhesive 45 ml.

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Reshafting, repairing golf clubs is made easy with Brampton's Pro-Fix Quick Cure Shaft Epoxy. Simply mix, apply, assemble, and set!

Bonds made with PRO-FIX 5/10 achieve playable strength within 10-20 minutes at standard temperature (allow longer time for colder temperatures). PRO-FIX 5&10 gives you the technology to make high quality, rapid bonds and get customers back on the course.

  • RAPID CURING EPOXY: Bonds all shaft types including graphite and titanium. Ready for play in 10-20 minutes with 2-3 minutes of work time. Gets golfers back on the course and out of the repair shop as fast as possible without compromising strength of bond.
  • EASY DISPENSE DOUBLE BARREL CARTRIDGE with 45ml (.85oz:): Mix ratio 1:1 by volume. No tools needed.
  • AEROSPACE GRADE BONDING STRENGTH: Tensile bonding strength rated at 5,100 PSI. Tough enough for 120+ mph golf swings.
  • PRO-FIX EPOXY WORKS WITH ALL SHAFT AND CLUB HEAD MATERIALS: Many epoxy types won’t work properly with graphite or titanium.
  • INSTALLS CLUB HEADS TO GOLF SHAFTS: Use PRO-FIX Epoxy to install new club heads or re-shaft your golf clubs. Follow the easy 8-step instruction process.
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